Elbert, CO Firewood

Ayer Ranch has been supplying Elbert, Black Forest, and the surrounding Mountain Communities with quality wood for over 45 years. We supply seasoned hard and soft wood for pellet stoves, wood burning stoves, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, and more.

We sell and deliver various kinds of firewood to Douglas, El Paso and Elbert Counties. We deal in soft woods such as pine and stove pellets as well as hard woods such as hickory, pinion, and cedar (for heat and smokers).

How to choose the right wood

  • Hardwoods

    Hardwoods are dense and emit less smoke . They are easy to split and have minimal spark emissions, making them best ideal for firewood.

  • Softwoods

    Softwoods are less ideal for unenclosed fires. They can burn at low to medium heat and give off a lot of thick smoke and spark heavily. However, they split easier than hardwood and have a variety of choices that give off a great smell.